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Elevate your juicing experience with ourAutomatic Self-Cleaning Juicer Machine. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience,efficiency, and unparalleled flavor. Embrace the future of juicing today.

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  • Preserve Freshness

    Ourjuicer gently extracts juice from fruits, maintaining their natural flavor and vitalnutrients, akin to the age-old manual squeezing process.


    With an inbuilt self-cleaning mechanism, enjoyhassle-free maintenance. High-pressure steam effortlessly cleanses the juicer'sinner components, ensuring pristine results every time.

    Simple Operation

    Navigate effortlessly with the intuitive selector switch. Choose between juicing orcleaning modes, adjusting the function selector lever accordingly for seamlessoperation

    Efficiency and Convenience

    Operateat standard voltage and frequency with minimal power consumption. Thedouble-pipe system ensures smooth operation, providing lubrication duringjuicing and cooling during cleaning cycles.

Introducing the Future of Juicing

The Automatic Self-Cleaning

Juicer Machine.

Unlock the potential of daily fresh fruit with our revolutionary Automatic Self-Cleaning Juicer Machine. Designed to simplify your juicing experience,this innovative appliance combines slow squeezing with self-cleaningtechnology, preserving natural flavors and essential nutrients effortlessly

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The Future of Juicing Automatic Self-Cleaning Juicer Machine





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